Friday, January 15, 2010

JINXED- favourite scenes (sneak peak)

Sc 05- After the scene of Sphinx and her left over meal- she stands up to show of her.. magnitude of how incredibly dangerous and bad-ass she is. And if her looming pose of howshe looks down at the Soldier doesn't get the... forboding feeling. Then the layout should, because there are bones EVERYWHERE. (I'm in the middle of the coloring that one as we speak)

Scene 07 and 09- brings out the main impact to the film- Its when the SPHINX and the Soldier finally meet face to to face. Its the final and most powerful show of tension and intimidation. First there is a dramatic upshot to the temple, as she prepare to leap down, from her perch. Animation-wise her wings is what going to pull her up into air.

And when she lands infront of the Soldier- she doesn't just land. She drops. There is going to be a camera shake, and the sound effect for it is just wicked. While poor Soldier tries REALLY hard NOT to wet himself.

Next scenes, starts delivering the dialogue- and thus the famous Sphinx's riddle.

Sphinx's Lair- Pan

Its' been through the wheel of changes, but this seems to be the winner. This is basically the ENTIRE location of the film- Jinxed- It's my second scene, a pan actually. It starts left--to--right. My Soldier dude walks up to the platform ( heavenly light from ceiling) Stops, then his gaze ( and camera) follow to the glorious temple, and the monster that is perched on top of it. THE next scene is a close up of her (SPHINX) tearing flesh from a dead-guy's rib cage. *grins* Its soo much fun! She has alot of pointy teeth.


And last but not least the Soldier A.K.A the Sphinx's lunch- First is the size the Relationship to the legendary Sphinx-( She's an effing MONSTER) the line number (6 feet) is placed in the wrong spot though... Aw well. Along with his colour tones, is his poses and expressions- his helmet has met a few changes as it has become more angular.

SPHINX Design- Colour

The final colour tones, set for the SPHINX- kinda 'Scar-ish' but it suits her character. Her Rotation refuses to fit on a page, even on the 11x17 pages, she BARELY fits.

SPHINX Design- Expressions and Poses

The FINAL character designs to my Animation Short Film "Jinxed" Some of her poses, and expressions.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Concept Designs

These are big conceptual (FINALIZED) designs of the characters. They were drawn with colo-erase pencils on BIG slabs of bristol paper ( if some things are blurry its because I took them with my camera- then tried to brighten them up in photoshop)They're just to inform me on what the character looks like- their construction and what they are wearing in Chapter One.

Had a lot of fun with the Seer one- photoshop-manic-disease

Still have a few more to go. Should be done tomorrow.
I'll be starting the comic after this, and then I will post some of the panels that I really like. The Seer's room is a sure-thing becuase it might get used for my 3rd year Animation film- WHICH i need to get more designs done :P
I might as well glue a pencil to my hand.

Poster, and Volume Cover

Poster design for the Comic Book- The Elements- also as the Volume's Cover. My new photoshop brushes are effing AMAZING.

Other than THAT:

Been busy as hell with my comic book work, and I got a lot of steam breathing down the back of my neck. Almost finalized all character designs. Its just I drew them on massive pieces of Bristol and they don't FIT in my scanner. I'll try photographing them.
I also have two other commissions on the go- I'm just wacky! Been kinda anti-social right now, except seeing my closest friends- just too busy. Its been crazy around here.

Every since Dad lost his job, everything has been turned up a notch. Money is tight as hell, that for sure- but Tuition is paid off, thank god!

My dad installed a new Kitchen sink- Stainless Steel- first time ever doing it. He did GREAT except, the sink was too big, so he had to SAW another 3 inches, through our counter to make it fit. AND THEN, the pipes didn't line up to the drain holes...and he had to take apart the pluming and CUT the damn pipes. But he did it- and it looks amazing.

AND then my `rents decided to paint the front porch. Sounds simple enough- Not for this family-

My dad`s ladder went through the laddace wall, he cut his shin open, RIGHT to the bone. I was like "OMG, I can see your Tibia!" There was a lot of blood. I mean A LOT. All down his legs, puddled into his sandals, dripping every where. When i took of his sandal, it was CAKED to his skin. My mom was sick, so I was the one who applied the first aid- since blood, guts, bone marrow- no deal for me. ( Is that normal?) I elevated his foot, cleaned and antiseptic-fy it, Polysporned it, Gauzed ( And then at that moment my mom wanted to help to applied the gauze tape, except she made it crooked, and thus the hair pulling and my daddy swearing like a sailor. He told me to do it) I told him to relax, ice the swelling and go to the clinic....The whole I'm-gonna-do-it-my-way gene gets very tired-some. The stubborn old man, did not go get stitches, he wrapped it up, went back to ...taking the rest of the wall down and plans to make another railing.

His shin and his toe were the only thing damaged...AAAND having a tub of paint pore all over his head- look like mud. And yeah, its healing good, but Tibia is still saying 'hello'

If I EVER get that stubborn- knock me unconscious and DRAG me to the clinic!

But I have to say, the front porch looks amazing, and bigger now that its so OPEN.

Guess that is what you call a 'beautiful disaster'.